Are You Looking To Advertise On Facebook?

No one goes onto Facebook with the sole goal of buying products or signing up for services, but with over 214 million users in the U.S., your potential customers are certainly on the social media platform. By running Facebook Ads, many businesses (Chiropractic clinics, Cosmetic Surgeons, Dentists, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Investors, etc…) can acquire new leads for their business.

The Tired Old Way Of Running Facebook Ads​


When it comes to running ads on Facebook, most people use the same old process:

  • Create something to giveaway
  • Put something to giveaway on Landing Page
  • Run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to Landing Page to promote giveaway

The goal is to get people into their sales funnel and bombard them with emails until they ‘buy or die’.

Here are just a few problems with this antiquated approach:

  • Great deal of competition on Facebook and most are using this same approach (therefore tough to stand out)
  • Only targeting people who are in market and ready to take action, which limits your potential audience
  • EBooks, video funnels, white papers, etc… take too long to read and don’t immediately provide a solution to their problem
  • The opt in experience isn’t memorable enough for people to remember opting in or recognize your emails
  • The average person receives 121 emails per day and, if you don’t stand out, many of those emails go unread

Ultimately, this philosophy is only going after people who are ready to take action.  But how many of your potential customers on Facebook would benefit more from learning more about what you have to offer before being asked to make a decision?

After all, you don’t take someone who walks into your office and immediately put a contract in front of them, do you?  Why would anyone think this approach on Facebook would work too?

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